And that's my story so far. Thanks for being a part of it. 

The past few years have had some lessons I'm still processing and some projects with which I'm experimenting. But those stories are still unfolding and I want to experience them before reducing them to history.​​​​​​​ Stay tuned.
This wouldn't be the story it is without the people around me who have encouraged me and assured me that what I was doing wasn't weird or creepy or cringe. 

My family, for sure. Andrew and Chris. The guys in our "has a thought" group chat, Andrew, Luke, Matt, and Nathanael, especially, for putting up with my newbie status, giving me pointers, and just letting me be terrible. And big thanks to Thing 1 and Thing 2 for being so game. 

I'm most grateful to Cori for having the courage to spark this inciting incident. You can see her work here.
This story is far from over. I'll write the next chapters as soon as I find them.